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Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m just an average Canadian chick.

I grew up loving sports peticularily wrestling and soccer. For me it has never been about winning (of course I never complained that I did! ) Wrestling was the first place that I discovered a group of people with driven mindsets and clear goals. I became drawn to competing with myself.

I went through high school by the skin of my teeth, don’t get me wrong though, I wasn’t a rule breaker.  I simply struggled with learning. I spent my free time with my teachers taking lessons a second time so that when I went home I could complete the homework that was assigned.

At the time, I didn’t understand it, WHY! why do other kids skip class and put school on the back burner, and still breeze through it. When I spend all my free time demanding my teachers free time and still a C- (approx 52% ) is a good grade for me?

It was frustrating and at times I felt sorry for myself. However, today I’m thankful for it.

It was this challenge that pushed me into taking risks and facing challenges without thinking twice about it. This quality has served me well.

I joined the military in 2007 as a Mobile Support Equipment Operator, as a way to start my life on my own without following the norm of going to school, falling into debt and getting a J.O.B. to serve for the rest of my life. I’ll be honest, at the time I had no idea why, but it simply didnt sound appealing to me. 

Today, I know it was because I was part of the 1% of people, who simply want to take the unbeaten path. 

While serving my contract (only did one four year term) I met many wonderful people.  I gained endless blue-collar skills and couldnt have asked for a better start to my life. However, the next chapter came when I decided I didnt want my life to be dictated by someone else. 







After releasing from the Military…

I thought I would go onto opening my own gym and start some cherities that would have impact on children around Canada. I learned the hard way… It just isn’t that easy!

In hindsight, I wasnt the women I had to be yet.

I went on to working some driving jobs and fell into a life of living pay cheque to pay cheque… working and partying.

Until I met my husband… and had my son, Dante. 

My entire world changed, if you’re a parent then you know exactly what I mean.
I took maternity leave from my job of operating an explosives truck at a coal mine, when it came to an end I knew that I couldnt go back to work and do the shift work while my son was being cared for by someone else..

I was privliaged, however. My husband ownes a trucking outfit and eventhough he wasn’t home for holidays nevermind for dinner It enabled me to stay home.

It only took a few months for my husband to realize he wasnt happy, which caused him to be absent and myself to become overwhelmed with entering parenthood alone.




This wasn’t in the plan… 

We went through months of fighting and I found myself crying myself to sleep each night, as I lay alone with a baby who could function just fine on very very little sleep.

My lonely misery and frustration drove me into longing for my independence back, the sleeping entreprenuer in me was starting to wake up and I was feeling as if time was slipping away while I stayed home with my son.

I knew I could have both worlds…

As much time to be a mom as I wanted and a career/business that gave me a sense of self-achievment and had an impact on the world that I had a deep longing for.

I just wasnt sure how I was going to make it happen… Until The end of September 2015;


I came accross The SIx Figure Mentors


I had just finished my Personal Trainer Specialist Cert and wasnted to start an online coaching program so I could still be at home. Well, the more research I did the more I realized I didn’t have the slightest clue how the Digital world worked.

All I knew is I had to learn digital marketing… So, I googled it;

I was blessed with the voice of Jay Kubessek (one of my current mentors and co-founder of SFM & DEA) explaining in a video how the average person can live the life they dream by leveraging the tools and technology that’s growing rapidly online, and how artificial intelligence was the way of the future. 

I was very intruiged… to say the leaste;
I immediately paid for an application for 29.95 so I could see what it was all about, I noticed right away as I went through the modules that they dig deep, the curriculum requred me to look at my past, my spending patterns from the last 5 years, the influences in my life and my goals.

I realized then… this shit was for real. 😮
Honestly, it was refreshing to feel like there was hope, and it wasnt false hope. This company was being realistic about what it took to create success. 





Finally, something that took real hard work and dedication…

I got Excited… and invested in the highest level membership within two weeks. I was emerged into a community of incredible people from all over the world who are on the journey of creating a feedom lifestyle.. which means somethig different to everyone. 

I was given access to some of the most successful mentors and coaches in the industry and as I write this in March 2017, I can say my life will never be the same. The personal growth I’ve experienced is unparalleled. I’ve never been so confident about my future or my capabilities. I know what it feels like to have hope again.

I love life,  I’m thankful for every single day and I have a drive to impact as many people as I can. Especially with the current state our world is in. 

As I really get to know myself, I learn that I have a passion for children. I simply feel an intrinsic responsibility to have an impact on how we raise the generation coming up behind us.
I believe with every cell of my being that millennial women have massive potential when it comes to bringing our world closer to being aware and conscious on a spiritual level.

I believe that the world is starved of true women leadership and the millennial age is privliaged, with technology.Technology that we must take advantage of to have our voice and compassion spread throughout the world.

Ultimately – my goal is to empower as many millennial women to reach their potential.

 Let me ask you;

Do you have a burning desire to change your life? Maybe your fed up with the traditional way of making a living, the day job that demands your time away from the things you want to do and experience and more importantly the people you want to spend your time with?
Are you interested in communicating what you stand for in a powerful way? 
Are you a millennial women who’s diverse, independant and looking to make a difference in the world? If so, I want to connect with you…

My Core Values


I believe with all my being that we as humans are stronger when stood together. If one suffers, we all suffer. Compassion is a core value of mine and I lead with it.


Not to be mistaken for sympathy. I choose to truly understand and share other’s emotions. By taking them as seriously as I do my own I can have ones back when it is most needed.


In a world deprived of it, I vow to live the truth that we are all love. It is the only thing that exists. I will use love to guide my choices and my words.

Inner Strength

Inner Strength to me is holding consistency of character no matter what. Being honest and having integrity by remaining resolute of living through strong moral principles.


I will lead people through inspiration, empowering them to reach their true potential and assisting them in raising the next generation to be leaders.

Mental Toughness

I am committed to having the mental resistance to always correct negative self-chatter and discouragement. If I fail to keep the inner demon in check then I will fail to share value with the lives that cross my path. This to me is the ultimate failure.

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