Millennial Women – You Are Worthy Of Abundance

There’s a common conversation based around how spoiled and ungrateful Millennials are. I see video’s of people talking about how millennials need to get their heads out of their ass’s and start respecting their elders – for the sake of an example.

Right away, I notice how they don’t actually understand the value of the millennial generation and what has gotten us to where we are. The’re holding onto the traditional mindset for dear life and unintentionally expressing their fear of an entire generation not conforming to the familiar way of doing things.

It’s scary for the fearful heart. It’s invigorating for the curious, courageous and playful heart.

And we get to choose where our hearts reside.

Don’t let the fearful heart guide you away from expressing your worth. In Millennial Women – Own your privilege I dig deeper into what this means.

Traditional/industrial mindsets are convinced that you shouldn’t ask for more then you “need” or you will be labelled as greedy. The common belief is there’s enough to go around therefore you must live a humbly settled life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We as a generation have the power to shift this mindset and raise the next generation with a mindset of abundance. 

When you hear the phrase “ you are worthy of abundance”  that little voice in your head probably starts to chatter fairly loud. Rattling off all the mistakes you’ve made and how incompetent you are because you haven’t reached goals or because you’re not at a stage in life you believe you should be. It reminds you of that YouTube video that rants about how shitty the millennial generation is…

It points out your weaknesses and fails to mention your strengths – every damn time.

Those deep underlying beliefs of money and success that you’ve inherited from your parents and grandparents start to come to the surface, for some of us those beliefs can be self-serving, however for the majority of us those beliefs are self-limiting.

Well guess what my bad ass friend – None of this is true. It is simply layers of social, cultural and religious programming of the mind. It is no fault of anyone’s it just is what it is. You however, were born in the digital era and are at a level of consciousness that allows you to break away from this limiting way of thinking and living.

You are worthy of abundance.

The world requires you to obtain and live an abundant life so it can reap the benefits of your existence. Therefore, life requires you to have all the resources that money can buy, all the influential people and experiences that’s required for your growth, and all the happiness possible for you to reach your highest self. Because then and only then, can you have the positive and much needed impact that is expected of all life.

You are not only worthy of a fully expressed abundant life, it’s expected of you.  Just as a beautiful tree is expected to grow and reach its highest potential of impact – such as – Oxygen, clean air, food, resources, shelter for us as well as many other animals. Just to name a few.

The universe would never give a flourishing oak tree less nutrients because there are many other oak trees.

When we stop growing and progressing – we are dying. This is true for all forms of life.

You are worthy of abundance – live it, breath it, believe it.

Britney Auclair

Raising The Next generation

Britney has become eager to empower women of the millennial generation. With knowledge of the digital economy she is sharing her wisdom on how it can enable the greatest generation to step out of the traditional mindset and into an empowered way of living.

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