Do you want to join self-employed women? Here’s where to start.

If you want to join the self-employed women then you are one of many. Today the combination of being a female and a millennial says you want it all and you know it’s possible. The common struggle is where the hell do you start?

I know the feeling, its frustrating and can be painfully consistent while trying to be content with the mediocre job and the struggle of the traditional rat race. For me, it’s been two years and I’m still trekking along, except now I’m excited . So much so, I admittedly annoy myself sometimes.

If you’re anything like me you want to live a creative life, you want to join the self-employed women and share your passion while having a positive impact. Above all you want to do it without sacrificing the most important things in life such as family, friends and the social life.

This life’s juicy – and real. But it ain’t easy – it’s tough.
So good thing you are too…

Even though we live in a time where the opportunities are endless and wealth can be obtained quicker then ever before in history, it’s doesn’t happen overnight.

Chances are you’re in your own way. Personally I know this on a very intimate level and sometimes I still continue to sleep with it. ugh.

You have to start by getting out of your own way.

No matter how much mentor-ship, support, resources or ideas you have, you will always be held back if you don’t address some personal truths.

Understand and believe that you’re worthy of abundance

The world requires you to obtain and live an abundant life so it can reap the benefits of your impact. You can only offer your highest self if you have all that you need to be happy, inspired and fully self-expressed.

Live intentionally

When I started to pay attention I was mortified at the skeletons in my closet. Listen to how you speak about yourself, other’s, money, success and life in general. If you still have a hard time believing that your thoughts create the life you live, then just do it to simply feel better. Trust me, you will feel better once you begin placing awareness around you’re thoughts and shifting them to be more self-serving.

Your time is precious – Who do you bless with it?

Not all of us have successful, self-employed women around us to personally mentor us. Fortunately as millennials we’re privileged. We have access to anyone at anytime. Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, Books (Hard cover/audio), YouTube. The content is endless. You can check out “my recommended reads” for some life altering books. And pay attention to the Sit In Your Power facebook page – here you can join a weekly hangout with me.

Intentionally choosing your influence includes paying attention to the people around you, do they inspire you to be a better you or do they unintentionally hold you back? We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Accept, love and be grateful for where you are TODAY.

Full acceptance of where you are in life now takes a lot of intellectual work and focus. After all – it is drilled into us to complain about what we have and long for what we don’t have.  So start practicing gratitude – either write down or consciously remind yourself of three different things each day… Yes I said each day! Every single day. Only after you see your life through positive and grateful eyes will you start moving towards more abundance.

Trust yourself

oooooh. Trust. This one’s tough. I found that the more I give myself permission to fail, fall flat on my face, and look like a fool the more I begin to feel optomisitc to the fact that – I can do anything. As long as I am willing to take on the challenge that comes with the victory then I.CAN.DO.ANYTHING.

Patience, perseverance, consistency and action. To be the person we need to be, to live the life we want to live,  we must pass through the growing pains that are necessary. If you trust yourself to experience and grow, then you can trust yourself to succeed.

Above all – Love yourself.

When you were born you were perfect. There was no stereotypes, underlying beliefs, attitudes, poor mindset, or fears constructed by society yet to convinced you otherwise. The truth is, you’re still perfect – you just don’t believe it. You see everything you want to be, and nothing that you are.

Know this – you are unique and perfect. Begin noticing things about yourself that are lovable. Don’t worry… just one thing at a time. Take compliments confidently. Talk to yourself just as you would your child, or any other precious being in your life.

Here’s to getting out of our own way and being the bad-ass women we’re meant to be! 

There’s a reason we’re seeing more millennial women join the self-employed. The worlds shifting and women are starting to break through the layers of social, cultural and religious programming to step into leadership roles. There are multiple outlets for women to share their value, however we must first get out of our own way.

Britney Auclair

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Britney has become eager to empower women of the millennial generation. With knowledge of the digital economy she is sharing her wisdom on how it can enable the greatest generation to step out of the traditional mindset and into an empowered way of living.

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