What really makes up a bad-ass women’s empowerment program?

I grew up as a tom boy, playing sports, climbing trees and adding to my pogs collection as I kicked all the boys ass’s at it – If you’re a millennial you probably remember pogs. I don’t recall spending much time with the girls. Into my teens and as a young adult I still always had one girlfriend and multiple guy friends.

I didn’t begin to see the power in females until I was in my third year of serving in the military. When I found myself in more leadership positions. Unofficially training or just taking charge of small groups on different tasks. I started to notice the sheer determination and strength in the girls. I began to see the false-reality that girls are pussy’s and boys are tough. The girls who learned from me, rarely wined and never let me down. They showed up with a smile even when the conditions were shit.

They had something to prove… or did they?

No, they didn’t. Women have never had anything to prove. It’s only a mindset, and at no fault of our own. It has been thousands of years that women have been perceived as weak and inferior. Even though it’s not true, it has been believed and demonstrated for so long it runs in our blood. We believe it – so often we prove it.

You are what you believe yourself to be – Paulo Coelho

There’s good news though! Especially for millennial women. We are privileged compared to the generations of women before us. In fact, I feel it’s our responsibility to the world. To step into our power and lead major changes for the  generation following us. After all – Millennials are the largest generation in American history, surpassing the baby boomers by half a million. And have the world at our fingertips, thanks to the information age and digital economy. 

We just have to get out of our own way – Hence, being part of something that empowers us.

I am a product of the following six points that make up a bad-ass Women’s Empowerment Program. What I have come to realize is discovering the power in others is impossible if you don’t understand your own value first.

I’v gone through immense personal growth thanks to an unreal community of entrepreneurs and leaders. Although the journey never ends, I’m on my way to becoming the person I want to be.  As the process takes place, the passion for empowering women becomes more prominent for me. – Especially millennial women.

ONE: Unbreakable Bonds

The longer I’m in the profession of digital marketing the more I realize how disconnected we are from one another as a gender. We can be surrounded by people, and still feel completely alone – It’s ironic that it’s the digital world that revealed this to me.

Women require strongly bonded relationships with other powerful women, in order to consistently experience progress and personal growth.

Too often we surround ourselves with people who make us feel comfortable. People who don’t ask uncomfortable questions or push us to explore the things that we want to avoid. People who let us get away with our own bullshit. Who are often hiding from their own truth so they don’t encourage us to discover ours. These relationships are void fillers, merely acquaintances.

It’s the women who take a stand for you, believe in you and you’re beautiful flaws. Steer you’re focus away from you’re weakness’s and into developing you’re strengths. The one’s who will lovingly call you out on your shit, because they love you. The one’s who will humbly take you’re advice and respect you for holding them to a high standard. The women who will never compare or allow feeble jealousy or competition get in between the two of you.

These are the women that the real connection happens with. Within these relationships we have a space to grow and progress towards the bad ass’s we are meant to be. 

TWO: Influence Around the Globe.

We have the privilege of reaching each other from all over the world. The people who have the biggest impact on my life don’t live in the same country as me. Some I’ve traveled to meet but other’s the entire relationship has been built through video call. 

I would have never thought this to be possible. The impact that some of these authentic, evolved people have had on my journey to being the success I want to be is indescribable. This is why I believe we are privileged as a generation at the beginning of the booming information and digital economy. I would have never had this valuable influence if not for the internet. 

Therefore without a doubt, having influence from around the globe is vital to a women’s empowerment program that i’d label as bad ass. 

THREE: Exclusive Community

A private community will attract and keep people who are spiritually and intellectually similar. This fast tracks the journey of personal awareness. Creating a safe place of evolved people who we can easily connect with, at any time.  

From my experience, having an exclusive community brings up it’s value and impact. When I first began waking up to who I was and who I wanted to be it wasn’t an easy pill to swallow. So having a place where I knew everyone was collectively experiencing similar journey’s made it easy for me to share. Also giving me endless opportunities to discover that I wasn’t alone in the experience – at all.

There are always people 3 steps ahead of us who’s leadership we require on a consistent basis and there is always people 3 steps behind us, who we require for opportunity to step into leadership. Both are vital for growth.


FOUR: Authenticity and Vulnerability

Leadership is having the courage to be real and vulnerable. The first time I experienced my own ability to be truly vulnerable I had a striking epiphany. Things seemed different around me. My experiences with other people and the world changed. I felt more relaxed and less stressed or intimidated by uncertainty. I felt more love for myself and began feeling content with things I used to hate, that I couldn’t change.

Here’s the thing though, I had evolved people around me when I stepped into being more authentic. People who love me for exactly who I am and don’t judge based on their own ego. I was encouraged and it was quietly celebrated. I gained respect for allowing snot and tears roll down my face. I gained respect for sharing my flaws and struggles that I thought I should be ashamed of. I gained deeper bonds when I allowed words and thoughts roll off my tongue without fearing what other’s will think.

Authentic leadership is the full expression of ”me” for the benefit of “we”. – Henna Inam 

 A women’s empowerment program that succeeds in empowering women will encourage authenticity. With leaders who will demonstrate that they are no different than the ones still trapped in their false selves. People who know the power of surrender, authenticity, and vulnerability are leaders.

These are the people we need to surround ourselves with because whether we believe it or not, the world is waiting for that confident, powerful person under all the noise of our false beliefs.

FIVE: The Presence of Evolved Men

There is something very powerful about women helping and encouraging and empower other women. With programs all around the world this has been proven. However, there is another necessary power that comes from having friendship and leadership from evolved men.

It is often the presence of men that cue our inner nurturer to step down and hold ourselves back. For thousands of years women were forced to take the back seat to the men in their lives. And still are in many cultures. This is slowly changing, however male and female leadership is far from balanced.

The presence of an evolved man who see’s a women in all her humanity just as he see’s his fellow males will challenge the underlying beliefs that she is not enough. His leadership will demonstrate he is no different from her, by shining light on the profound value she has to offer. Experiencing a powerful man take constructive criticism without insecurities or ego stepping in offers a level playing field.


Being in the presence of men that are evolved is a critical requirement for a women who are on a journey of leadership and empowerment.

SIX: Committed to the Greater Good of All

We still live in a world where people get their panties in a knot when they hear “exclusive women’s community” or anything that favors women. There are many reasons people may feel un-easy when hearing these terms.  However, the fact of the matter is; Women face deep traditional programming from un-intentional demeaning treatment, such as double standards and dress codes. The books read to us as children right up to current marketing all over TV, Magazines and social expectations.

We are experiencing a massive shift in the world right now, and women’s leadership is crucial to turn many devastating things around. Not because women are better, because for hundreds of years there has been a lack of balance in leadership. Women lead in many unique ways that are required. To get the balance right we must take action and cut through all the traditional programming to empower women.

I believe that millennial women have value that’s like no other. If there is one thing that inspires me without fail it’s the feeling of moving forward for the greater good. For the generation that follows us and the people who are not as privileged as us. Empowering women on a global scale is the fastest way to make improvements to the world we live in. 

Britney Auclair

Raising The Next generation

Britney has become eager to empower women of the millennial generation. With knowledge of the digital economy she is sharing her wisdom on how it can enable the greatest generation to step out of the traditional mindset and into an empowered way of living.

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