What does healthy mean to you? Often we judge ourselves before we ever ask ourselves this question.

News Flash! Healthy does not mean Slim, Build, Cut, Skinny, Thick, or any other word than may ONLY describe body composition.

I have always been a small individual, but also very active. I wrestled early in high school, so although I was small I had a strong build. Well, I would be dedicated to going to the gym or taking a jog while I was either camping with friends or “pre-drinking” before the party. So, I often got remarks like “Your so skinny, why do you even bother” “jeez, you should be eating, not going to the gym” Phfff, as if you even need it”.  I found myself frustrated with these comments and even found myself being shamed into skipping the workouts or runs, to join everyone else in the “fun”.  In those years, I loved the feeling I got from a workout, so that’s why I did it. But I didn’t have any come back for the remarks I would get. Today, I know exactly what those people needed to hear.

The reason I am writing this article is because I know I’m not the only one. Society has created such a false picture of what health is, we have this bizarre idea that the only thing that defines how healthy someone is, is their body composition. Body composition is the proportion of fat-free mass (muscle, bone, blood,fluids and organs) to fat mass (adipose (fat) tissue deposited under the skin and around the organs). Although this is effected by endless factors and is important, it is only 1 aspect of our overall health. In other words, you cannot look at someone and make a statement like “They are un-healthy” if they are over weight. You can though make a statement  like “They are over weight” catch my drift?

What does healthy mean? It means you are in an optimal state of well-being.

There are 5 aspects of health;

1. Physical Health

This is the aspect that people focus on because it can be seen on the outside. It is what other people see, and lets be honest everyone wants a desirable body composition. But that is the problem, when someone decides it is time to go to the gym or change their lifestyle, it is usually so they can change the way their body looks in the mirror (unless this is a suggestion from your doc!)

People start this journey, and many become overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, confused, and discouraged, because they are not seeing the results they want as quickly as they want. I want you all to STOP focusing on the mirror and weigh scale!! Improved body composition is a direct by-product of the improvements that are happening on the inside, so lets shift our focus on whats important and the rest will follow.  It will give you something else to focus your attention on, so you can stop watching the paint dry.

Besides the  factors of inner science that we need to be aware of. Eg. Bioenergetics – the study of energy in the human body ,Cardio respiratory Concepts and Muscular Concepts. I will leave that for another post. But,  if you are the type of person who cant wait  I urge you to reach out to me through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or leave a comment below and we can go further into these subjects one on one. (no, I don’t want your money).  The next 4 aspects of health have a direct relation that will make or break your success with the physical aspect. Refer to my recent post of Tony Robbins explaining the 3 ways to effect success, it is similar how each factor is incomplete with out the others.

2. Social Health

Social health refers to your ability to interact with people in a positive way. How do you feel when you are around others, do you value the relationships you have in your life right now? Do you act to impress or are you authentic?

As human beings we desire human interaction and connection. For someone who finds this area of their life difficult they will begin to claim that they “like to be alone” or they “hate other people”. This is not true deep down. It means they have not focused on their own personal awareness to the point of attracting the people who they would share a common synergy with.

If you want to get good at something, the best way to do it is to interact with people in that area of interest. You will be surprised how much quicker you get results when you always have someone in your corner who you can relate with. To be more specific, this means if you have a vision of a certain build for your body, than find some people who are shooting for similar goals. Sure, your best drinking buddy is a great time…. but more than likely that person is not the best relationship for every part of your life that you want to excel in.

I get along with everyone, but I am also very shy. This holds me back because sometimes you have to go after what you want, it will not come to you. This is something I am overcoming ever day with the support of The Six Figure Mentors Community, as I grow my Online business and discover exactly who I want to be.

Your ability to interact with society is important because although it is healthy to be comfortable within yourself, people are a major asset in our lives. Without other people in some way, shape or form you will never experience an abundance of success. Especially as an Entrepreneur.

3. Mental Health

what does healthy mean


Mental health is not to be confused with emotional health. Mental health is our ability to learn and grow intellectually. Our brain is a muscle, it must be used and challenged.

Life experience is inevitable, and one of the most common ways that enhances mental health. Sometimes our life experiences can hinder our mental health, this is where all the other aspects of health must be at a level where you can control how you respond and how much you allow the experiences to effect you.

Challenges can be crippling if we allow self pity to dominate our thoughts, but they can also be a new opportunity for us to enhance our mental health in the most optimal way if we are the pilot of our thoughts. A wonderful read that explains very well how our conscious and sub-conscious minds communicate and the benefits you receive by learning how to peak to your sub-conscious is “How to get lots of money for anything FAST – Stuart Lichtman & Joe Vitale”. Refer to the image above to get a copy. We also provide a PDF copy if you pursue online marketing training, self awareness and coaching through The Six Figure Mentors.

After all it is our sub-conscious  that makes things happen for us. IF you want something and your not getting it, this is absolutely one of the factors that is playing part.

Another way is formal structures such as educational videos and reading material. Here, we can directly control what goes in. When we read about an experience, it activates the same regions as if we have had the experience in real life. This is an extremely powerful tool for mental health enhancement. Audio will is powerful as well, so get resourceful. If you are having a hard time taking 15-30 minutes to read than listen to audio while you drive, cook, clean or whatever else your busy doing.

I hear people say “I don’t read” or something in that context quite often. Well, I didn’t walk when I was born either, but now I do. What this comes down to is how bad do you want to reach an optimal state of well being? What does healthy mean to you!? I am going to assume that if you are here reading this article than you do want better for yourself. Do not allow your inner dialog to hold you down or decide for you. It is important to read what you are interested in but it is also important for growth to find something in a completely different subject, it doesn’t have to be a novel, just an article once a week or so, when you read something that is un-familiar to you.

A consistent flow of positive information for the mind is like a consistent flow of nutrients for the active body.

4. Emotional Health

The emotional aspect is an extremely dominating one. Hear me out on this… You have looked at that muffin and thought in detail about how good it would be, how the chocolate would melt in your mouth and the moment

What does healthy mean?

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of pleasure that you would receive.. then quickly your thought process changes from that, to how bad it is for you, then jumps over to how un-satisfied you are with the way you look and then you begin to think about how hard it is to lose weight.. on and on. We have all experienced this process, and the thoughts will come and go so quickly you barely notice it happens ( you will now). Due to the fact that your brain is so intimately connected to your endocrine system that it has already sent out the message of how tasty that muffin, and how unstable your emotions are about how you look and feel about yourself, the system has been influenced to release hormones which have a direct effect on weight loss and mental health.  Conclusion.. be in control of your thoughts and feelings.

Well, that’s easy to say, I know.. not so much. It is quite difficult, but that does not mean it is impossible and if  you want to improve any other aspects of your health than you must give emotional health a great deal of attention.

I often find myself referring to fitness and business because that is where my passion lies but the fact of the matter is, your emotional health is vital to perusing an enhanced quality of life, personal growth and positive lifestyle behaviors and attitudes.

You cannot avoid emotions, interpretations of your environment must go through the emotional part of the brain before it reaches the logical part of the brain therefore you must learn to become aware of your emotions and control them.

I recommend reading Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves
With purchase of the book you will receive an access code for an in depth emotional intelligence test. This test will give you, your areas of strength and areas of weakness. You will then go through the book and put the tips into practice. When you are done, you will then access the test again and be able to visibly see your improvement.

 5. Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is unique to each person., it  includes values, morals and beliefs. The deepest part of our being. It has the concept of faith at its core.

It develops as we go through life, often we can thank our parents, guardians or childhood idols for out beliefs and values, but as we get older it becomes more prominent that we have a longing for something that we cannot see or touch.

This is where our destiny stems from, our purpose of why we are here and who we are meant to be. If this part of our health is not defined and clear to us than we can fall onto a path that is meaningless, we start to feel like we don’t have a purpose and don’t know where we are going. This can be a devastating feeling, and cause deep pain, because we are ultimately lost and confused.

Ways you can be aware of your spiritual health and work on defining who you are at the core are;

– Be receptive to pain and times of sorrow – Recognize how you feel and ask yourself questions until you understand why you feel the way you do.

– Allow yourself to believe in things that feel right. Except that some things cannot be explained, it does not mean that is is wrong. If you ignore these times you will miss opportunities that you were meant to experience.

– Practice being non-judgmental – Judging others in harsh ways is like drinking poison and hoping that others will die.

– Forgive – Forgiveness is for yourself, not for the one who hurt you. It rolls into the same statement as above.

– Live Joyfully – Find joy in something each day. No matter who you are or what your circumstances. There is not one day that goes by that has not provided joy in some form. If you feel there is, you are choosing not to look.

– Be quiet – Have time to yourself, be with your thoughts and without your thoughts in these moments. No outside distractions.

Today,  do a good thing for someone with the knowing that they could never re-pay you. – John Jackson


The 5 aspects of health tie in together and are all equally important. We all must take responsibility for our own health and well being on a daily basis. There are resources and communities that are dedicated to supporting people who want a better quality of life. But, ultimately it is up to you to seek these people.

Again, I would be honored to hear from you, and if you received value from reading this article share it with others.

All the best in your pursuit of Wellness.

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