The Mental Backbone is why Fitness Lovers make the best Entrepreneurs;

If you love to walk around cut, lean, built, strong and healthy than you know the following factors must be over come. If you have concurred the following three factors than you have the Mental Backbone that could make a business rock star.


Physical warning to the body, it is a measure of effort and intensity. Dehydration, fatigue from respiratory muscles, and build up of lactate are a few examples.  If the pain experienced is non-functional than the movement or excersise must be either stopped or modified. If the pain is functional, than it is time for the Mental Backbone to kick in and the interpretation of it must be controlled.

If you have a mindset of defeat, than your inner dialog will waste no time convincing you that what your doing sucks, “I didn’t train hard enough”  “Im not cut out for this” ” I don’t have a chance to win”. If you have a successful mindset than your inner dialog will no doubt be rehearsing “My body is talking to me, to let me know its working hard” “I have the inner strength to power through this” “The pain is reminding me of my abilities to compete at this level”  “Pain is only temporary”.

When pain is an ally, on your side to remind you you must keep pushing, you can then use dissociation. The idea is to tune out the pain by focusing on visualizations of future achievements. For example, increasing your 1 RM, doing 1 more pull-up or sprinting an extra 5 meters within time. The ability to become one with pain and discomfort is part of the Mental Backbone, that an entrepreneur needs everyday.

Sure.. you may not have lactate buildup when your meeting that deadline, or powering through the challenges after being awake for 24 hours, instead you have panic, anxiety, the elevated heart rate and stress. It is the same part of the backbone that gives you the ability to power through with passion and motivation. Passion itself can be painful to tame, or you may find yourself so passionate that things effect you more intensely. This is where you turn to your mental backbone.


This is something that must be consciously controlled, there are times when the intensity needs to be increased, and times when it is vital to pace yourself, do active rest or even still rest. Many people don’t realize how important it is to give your body that extra day after a hard LEG day, or that 30-60 seconds between sets. This is when the body has a chance to replace energy stores so that the desired intensity can be achieved for the following rep. Without the rest, results will be delayed and risk of injury increased. We are all guilty.. you feel damn good and that wait time feels like a waste of time. I get it. It will become a lot easier to wait when you know the consequences for skipping the rest.

Another factor regarding intensity is fuel, if the body has not been provided with the required fuel for the intensity level that is being hit than the body will start to use protein for energy. This of course is not ideal. We need that protein for either repair, or for many of us that desired body composition of muscle mass. IF for any reason you have not provided your body with the correct amount of Carbohydrates and fat throughout the day, than you must dial your intensity off of that knowledge. If you do not, than your workout will be a waste of time.

Business people have a similar mental backbone for intensity as well, they must know when the intensity has to be dialed to max, or when it is time to take a step back and listen to the body or in this case the intuition. When we feel overwhelmed in business the worst thing to do is to put the pedal to the medal, because we plow into a cloud of dust and that is when mistakes are made or we hit a mental downward spiral, where nothing works in our favor and it takes more time to climb out of that then it does to slow down and take a breath in the face of overwhelm. Don’t miss understand me, this does not mean stop working and pretend you have no responsibilities. It simply means, pick up the phone and mastermind with someone you admire in business, or go back and read or watch something motivational or inspirational. When you are feeling 100%, then it is time to dial that intensity back up.

3. FEARMental Backbone

Fear. Every single one of us have experienced fear. Fear of failure is the biggest one for an athlete or a gym star with body composition or cardio-respiratory goals. Or a business person who has massive scaled vision. In fact, fear hold us back from even the smallest things. ” I cant go to the gym, I’m injured and people will look at me funny if all I do is walk on the treadmill” Fact – No one is directing their attention to that more than they are thinking about themselves. That my friend, is human nature.

For a business person, you may be scared to death of speaking in front of a crowd because your worried about what you will look like or sound like… what will people think? The only thing that people will remember from hearing you speak, is how they walked away feeling. Not how your voice cracked, or you stuttered over a couple words.

Fear is one of the biggest road blocks to success. Therefore our Mental backbone in this area must be programmed to feed off of fear, we must become drawn to the things that strike fear in us. We must become accustomed to feeling unsure, or uncomfortable in a situation.. this is how we use fear as a vehicle of growth.

For fitness lovers and business people; get comfortable with feeling un-comfortable.


The above are some of the main things that scream success, and in order to be successful in fitness or in business you must have the Mental Backbone to use PAIN, INTENSITY, and FEAR to your advantage. I hope these tips help you power through your next challenge.

Do you love fitness, or business and are on the fence about the other even though you have a burning desire? Well today is the time to challenge yourself, because I’m telling you, if you have the Mental Backbone for one than you have the other mastered.

And you are not alone, Id be honored to hear from you.
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