Take Responsibility For Your Life

5 tips to help you Take Responsibility For Your Life

I know we all have those moments, and for some of us its not just a moment here and there it is months… even years, of our lives where we think and feel that life is taking us for a ride and we have no control over it. Well, I am here to enlighten you on this subject. Life is our playground, and we are in full control of what we do with it. I am not trying to claim that un-expected things don’t happen or there are not outside forces that play a part. What I am claiming, is that we have an opportunity every single day to mold out lives into what we want and deal with challenges in a way that they turn to valuable lessons and stepping stones for the future.

Here’s an analogy for you, it is the same thing as taking care of your health in a pro-active way instead of waiting until it is too late, until your so sick that it takes countless drugs and hospital visits to just get by.

Now, about that “feeling” of having no control I mentioned above. Just a quick note. This feeling will never stop. It is how we deal with it, and what we take from it. So read though these 5 tips and take action everyday, the difference is remarkable.

1. Take radical personal responsibility.

Ultimately, this means one thing. Do not blame the people or any outside forces for the circumstance you find yourself in.

Blaming is giving up the power to choose. While we are blaming, in a state of anger or frustration our productivity stops, our ability to deal with the situation in the most efficient way is hindered! By taking responsibility, the action will come in a natural way. Own it, and you will then recognize the power you hold in changing it.  When you master this you will begin to feel an improvement in self-esteem and personal satisfaction.  Apply this in even the small details of your day.  (eg.  It is not the fault of time, when you don’t get things done. There has been decisions made by you throughout that day while the clock continued to tick that lead to the result of not accomplishing the TO DO list. Pay attention to the small decisions. ) Accept radical personal responsibility for every situation or circumstance and Take responsibility for Your Life.

A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to the terms with the realization that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make – Denis Waitley

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped – Tony Robbins

2. Work on YOU, everyday.

You have a busy schedule, I know. But believe me, there will be enough time when you decide there is. When we stop growing we start spinning our wheels. We end up being is  the same place we were the year before and the year before that. I talk about taking responsibility and the next three tips, and individually  they all may seem like a challenge when you first begin taking action, but when you give time to personal development, everything starts to flow. Light bulbs will go off, and you will start to be conscious of your choices.   Did you know? That every great leader does some kind of personal development EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is habit, it is a mindset. In order to change your circumstances, and your life you must first make changes in yourself. This is much easier to do when you make sure you are in contact with people who are also conscious of personal development on a regular basis.

If you stop growing you will start to die inside – Tony Robbins

If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible. – T.Harv Eker  – Author of  ”Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

Take Action;
Learn to meditate
Pay attention to who you surround yourself with. (Do they have the life you want?)
Read books
Turn off the TV, and go for a walk.
If you spend time on Facebook, join some leadership groups, personal development groups or inspirational groups. Follow these people, join in and get involved.

Just as you try and put nutritious foods into your body, it is crucial that you put healthy information and thoughts into your mind take responsibility for your life every day.

Book recommendations;

Start With Why – Simon Sinek
Think and Grow Rich – Napolian Hills
How to Win Friends and Influence People  – Dale Carnegie
The Travelers Gift – Andy Andrews
Secrets of  a Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker
7 Habits of highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

* If you don’t like to read, listen to the audio. In your car or while you clean.

3. Master 1 Thing.

Of course most of us have an interest in many things, you may even have multiple hobbies or work more than one job, its all good. When I say Master one hing, I mean to give it time. There is nothing that can be mastered over night and there is nothing that can be mastered without getting it wrong a few times or maybe even hundreds of times. This is why a lot of people give up. It is a well known fact.

I am here to be honest and authentic with you. I will tell you right now I have only learned this one very recently. And when I say recent I mean within the last month. When someone asks me what I am good at or what my strengths are, I don’t have an answer. I would work hard and be and all in, I would focus on my work until I understood it and was really good at it… for a boss. I would jump around from project to project.  ”I want to be fit..” I would work at it for three months and still not reach my goal, so I would fall off the wagon. “I want to do a great safety program for my husbands company.” A few days would happen where it wasn’t so easy and I would put it on the back burner, and start to procrastinate. If I start something on my own, I would struggle with motivation.

See, most of us will do a lot more for someone else than we will for ourselves. This is an important point to remember. “You are more valuable when you are bringing your own vision alive.” Of course it can be a shared vision, it can be a vision of a community or just your family. As long as in your heart it is yours as well, as long as it is what drives you.

Now, back to the point. The reason I say master one thing is because when you know what it takes from yourself to master something you can apply it to anything.  Even if it is simply mastering a batch of chocolate chip cookies or if its mastering a program that you usually pay someone else to do. Focus in on it, be consistent. A little everyday keeps the frustration away ;) One thing at a time and you will start to Take Responsibility for your life.

4. Decide and ACT.

Sometimes, when we “decide” to do something we are excited and hyped up in the moment of decision, but then we change our environment or the people around us or we just sleep and wake up the next day, and fall back into old habits. That “thing” you decided to do gets pushed off. If there is no one there to hold you accountable than you don’t feel so guilty right? This is something I am changing right now in my life.  How? Holding myself accountable! When you make a decision that is going to drive you towards something that you truly want, than you need to take action immediately. The kind of action that warrants no going back.

Do not make the mistake of living your life in the moment. There is a time for that… it is not EVERY DAY! Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of this too. But I am aware of it now, and I will not allow myself to make a decision and then to let myself down. When I make a decision I do it because there is something important at the end of it. We forget and procrastinate when we don’t have to deal with the importance of the decision every day. So make it happen, put the WHY on paper and put it on your mirror, or how about a small sticky note on your coffee maker! ;) And this is the key, don’t write down the decision, write down the WHY.

5. Analyze your circle of Influence.

This can be one of the most difficult things you may ever do. Look around you. Do the people who you surround yourself with live the life you ultimately want? Do they have the financial blueprint that you want? Do they share a similar vision, or similar goals? If the answer is No, than it is time to ask yourself where you will find those people. Where are the people who do share your goals and visions? We are a by-product of our environment and our influence. Remember that when you plan out your day or your week. This may mean spending less time with some of your friends or even family, this may mean that you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

I am not saying turn your back on the people in your life, I am simply saying be the person you want to be. The people in your life that truly love and care about you will support your decisions, and they will ask questions and be interested in why your doing what your doing. There may be people who get mad, who take it very personally and may even make you feel guilty for the lack of time you are giving them. This is normal, and it is okay. Invite them to be with you in your world, just do not allow anyone to influence the path you chose or the person you are destined to be.


If you are not implementing one or more of these things and have made a decision to do so, keep in mind it will not be easy and it will require consistent attention, every day. The only way to Take Responsibility of your life is to first choose the life you want and then take the steps to achieve it. Be patient with yourself, and when you start to feel overwhelmed take a step back and celebrate what you have accomplished nothing good comes easy.

Take Responsibility for Your Life


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